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Roxy Jezel and Jamie Brooks are two british tourist in Ibiza who see Rocco’s big boat and ask to come aboard for a cruise. Of course Rocco obliges after making sure Jamie has a nice ass.

Once aboard Jamie starts feeling sea sick and tells Rocco that sucking dick will cure her sea sickness. Rocco once again obliges and starts with Jamie and then works in Roxy as well. Now the rough stuff begins with Rocco using his belt to tie both Jamie and Roxy by their necks
and continues with some more deep throat. He takes a bite out of Roxy’s tit and then throws both of them in the water.

Once back aboard, Jamie titty fucks Rocco and then Rocco starts fingering Jamie’s asshole and then proceeds to eat her out, all the while slapping and choking her periodically.

Now while Jamie gets toe fucked by Rocco and eats out his asshole you can hear Roxy in the background getting cocky and yelling out and egging on Rocco.

BIG MISTAKE!!! Rocco turns his attention to Roxy now.

Rocco has Roxy up on a table and she continues to berate Rocco by calling him names and slapping his face and cock. Rocco rips off her panties and starts to ass fuck her sitting in a chair and you can hear Roxy yell out in pain as Rocco’s dick slips into her asshole. Roxy continues with the condescending talk and Rocco chokes her while fucking her asshole and then he can take no more and takes her back to the table, lays her down, flips her around and starts to DESTROY her asshole while she yells out in pain.

He even gives her the double fish hook during the deed.

Once Rocco is finished, Roxy stumbles around a bit and blows a kiss and retreats downstairs to recuperate her asshole.

Rocco now turns his attention back to Jamie and gives her the same treatment as Roxy and fucks her asshole but is probably tired out from giving it to Roxy and takes it easy on Jamie. Once he’s done fucking her asshole he gives her a semi facial/cum in mouth finish.

Roxy Jezel - Rocco Ravishes Ibiza 1

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Roxy Jezel – Rocco Ravishes Ibiza 1

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